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1999-2003 Ford Super Duty 7.3L Diesel S&B Cold Air Intake 75-5028 (Cleanable, 8-ply Cotton Filter) 1999-2003 Ford Super Duty 7.3L Diesel S&B Cold Air Intake 75-5028 (Cleanable, 8-ply Cotton Filter)
MBRP 4" Turbo Back Exhaust Ford 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke

How it Works:
  1. Select your Diesel.
  2. Choose how many tunes you want.
  3. Fill out the Custom Tune Form.
That's how easy it is. Your MPT Custom Tunes will be emailed to you with detailed instructions and everything you need to make your SCT programmer that much better. If at any time you have questions, contact us, we will help you through every step of the way.
If you already own an SCT programmer, all you are missing is a tune from MPT. An Email Custom Tune From MPT is definitely one of the best modifications you can make to your vehicle.

Created exactly to your specifications; want more Torque for that fast launch off the line and the HP to keep it going... no problem. Want a Custom Tune to maximize Fuel Economy, we can do that too.

EGR Delete, Faster Turbo Spool, Firmer Shifts, Better Shift Points, Better Torque Converter Lock Ups, Tire Size Change, Axle Ratio Change, Cold Start High Idle, Air Intake Kit.

The most important thing to remember here is that the tunes are custom. We create each tune based on the settings you select on your custom tune form. Check out the tunes available and their descriptions listed below. To order a custom tune, simply click on the your diesel truck below.

Diesel Tunes Overview:
For each tune you will choose the Engine setting, Trans setting, and Misc settings. The actual tune form is located here:
Custom Tune Form Link but DO NOT fill this out until you have purchased tunes and have your programmer in hand. Here is a breakdown to help you choose which tunes you would like:

Engine Settings:
Bazooka: is all out performance, hold on tight. Faster Turbo Spool, More Boost, Good Times.
SmokeBomb: will roll some coal but is not nearly as fast as the Bazooka, it's more show than go.
PerfEcon: personal favorite, performance and economy hybrid. Drive easy and get great mileage, mash it and go.
Towing Plus: Towing tune plus a little extra power. Should not be used on loads above 5k.
Towing: General Towing tune. Good for most all loads except extremely heavy.
Trans Only: Should be used for very heavy loads 18k+.

Trans Settings:
Race: will be very firm, lock the converter early and stay locked for the most power to the wheels. This setting is for the race minded driver that likes the aggressive feel and doesn't mind the occasional lugging of a locked converter.
Street: will be decently firm, lock the converter earlier than stock but not crazy early.
Chill: slightly firmer than stock shifts. Almost stock converter settings but still a little better than stock.
Stock: nothing trans related changed from factory settings.

Misc Settings:
Traction Control: Will be disabled or left on if applicable on your truck.
Cold Start High Idle: Idle will be set higher at cold start if applicable on your truck.
EGR Delete: EGR function will be disabled in tune and Check Engine Light issue will be resolved.
Engine Brake: Engine braking aka Turbo brake aka Jake brake.